Friday, October 5, 2012

Travis Eats His Way Through Europe (Part 1 - Greece)

I was blessed enough growing up to be exposed to a huge variety of worldly cuisines, from fresh sushi in Vancouver to my nonna's Italian home cooking. Ever since, I have enjoyed eating just about every type of food I could find (except pickles!), resulting in a slight expansion of my waistline (but it's getting smaller every day of our trip, I swear). 

Being the so-called "foodie" in this relationship, I am often charged with picking the places we are going to eat at each day, sometimes to Calli's displeasure. In any case, we have experienced many amazing and a few not-so-amazing food experiences since the start of our trip, and I thought I should share them on the blog. These might be grouped together in the form of a country, theme, or anything else I can think of.

The first major stop on our trip was Greece, a country just as famous for its food as it is for its sandy beaches and historical sites. And the food definitely did not disappoint. 

Probably the main reason that Greek food is so popular and revered the world round is the fact that they make frequent use of ingredients that no human could resist - olive oil, warm baked breads, fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil, seafood right from the Mediterranean, and more olive oil.  

You are off to a good start when you can grow bananas and pomegranates in your backyard.
This combination of ingredients, unless you want fresh fish with a sunset view in Santorini, keeps the prices low and the dishes hard to mess up. It's pretty healthy too! 

Delicious tomato and cucumber salad was a staple in our diets.

About a minute after we were served...
We found that almost every restaurant we ate at was of a very high quality regardless of price. We tended to opt for a couple gyros and a bowl of fresh cucumber and tomato (and olive oil of course) salad. For dinner we ate classic Greek dishes like souvlaki, moussaka, pastitsio, or soutzoukakia - and almost always with some homemade tzatziki and bread. Yes, you read that right, bread - they don't seem to ever serve tzatziki with pita for dipping like we are used to back home. 

Gyros! Calli's still missing them.

Not a Tim Horton's Iced Capp, but still not too bad.
In addition to eating some fabulous meals out, we also utilized the kitchenette in our place in Santorini to do some cooking. Pasta with fresh veggies and local feta was the perfect solution to keeping our stomachs and wallets full at the same time. Some fresh bread from the local Cretan bakery just topped it all off. 

Homemade salads are cheap and delicious!

I approve this meal.

All in all, we ate a ton of delicious food during our 2 weeks in Greece (plus one fantastic Italian meal...see below), and needless to say the bar has been set very high. Hope you are hungry now!

Amazing Italian meal at Popeye's in Nafplio...and I know good Italian.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Liz's Cupcakes.

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