Friday, November 23, 2012

Venice - A Photo Essay

When it came time to explore Venice, I was most looking forward to simply walking around, camera in hand, trying to capture even a small bit of its beauty. From sunrise to sunset, Venice is constantly changing colours as the moving sun turns the deep blue waters golden at sunrise, frothy green throughout the day, swirling brown in the evening, and finally jet black again before bedtime.

7:00 am - Sunrise over the sleeping gondolas

St. Mark's Square, before the tourists awake

8:00 am - As the sun paints everything golden

A sun-kissed St. Mark's Basilica

9:45 am - Fish at the daily Rialto Market

A group of gondolas awaiting their passengers

Santa Maria della Salute Church

11:15 am - The busy Rialto Bridge

1:15 pm - One of many hidden side streets

St. Mark's clock tower overlooks the square

3:00 pm - Boats taking an afternoon siesta

5:30 pm - The sun begins to set

7:45 pm - Gondolas return home for the night

By Travis Huyghebaert with 1 comment


Nice collection. I bookmark this page to seeing more pictures.

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