Tuesday, November 6, 2012

18 Hours in Milan

What can we say about Milan? Technically a stopover from Malaga on our way to Cinque Terre, we tried to make the most out of our one evening in the city with a walk from our hotel through Sempione Park and some amazing shopping to the Duomo di Milano.



Although we didn't spend very much time in the city, what we did see was beautiful - high heeled booties, buttery soft leather handbags, and out of our budget designer fashion on decked out ladies and men in every age bracket - and the cathedral was lovely too.


Unfortunately our budget caught wind of hotel rates in the city and cut our visit short.  However brief, it was still nice to catch a gimpse of the high life before moving on to Riomaggiore and a high life of our own...

By Calli D with 1 comment

Hey there!

Calli and Travis returned from a four month trip through Europe more excited than ever to hit the open road. Who knows where they'll end up next...

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