Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Colours of Burano

It's easy to go photo-crazy in a place like Burano, with it's striking painted houses in every imaginable colour (yes that's right, colour with an "o-u") and its picturesque canals, and Calli did just that. We spent the day wandering the friendly streets, eating pasta and pizza, looking at bead shops (and by we, I mean Calli), and looking for Campion boats in the marina (no such luck).

Burano is a lovely island, even if its skipped over in favour of Murano far too often. While it doesn't have the glass-blowing shows, it does offer a glimpse into somewhat "everyday Italian" life that is otherwise missing from the region. We enjoyed watching fishermen bring back their catches and people hanging their laundry, and loved how much pride they seemed to have for their little island. 

The houses are all painted these bright colours so that returning fisherman could navigate back to their houses even in the dense fog that settles here. In any case, they make for some fantastic photo opportunities.

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