Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Rainy Stopover in Pisa

The majority of the time traveling is enjoyable; exploring fascinating places, gaining exposure to new cultures and traditions, and learning interesting facts. However travel can also be exhausting at times and a test of your patience and ability to remain optimistic. And every now and then, when you're at your weakest, travel can make you hate its guts. 
After thoroughly enjoying a three day stay in Cinque Terre, it was time for us to move on to Florence and, as we were passing the city anyways, we decided to stop over in Pisa to visit the Piazza dei Miracoli and wander the lovely streets. Unfortunately we failed to check the weather report before booking our tickets and the rain we awoke to in Riomaggiore followed us, through a connection in La Spezia, all the way to Pisa. 

Light at first, we decided to brave the rains with our umbrella (we left our luggage at the train station for a few Euros) and managed to get to the Piazza dei Miracoli without getting too soaked. Then the rain picked up and, completely exposed in the middle of the piazza, we looked up at the leaning tower as buckets of rain began to fall. 

That's when I snapped and in an instant I was ready to get back on the train and into a warm room in Florence. Not wanting to risk the camera, Travis dodged the raindrops as best he could to snap a couple pictures with his phone while everything started to unravel...

Fighting with our useless umbrella I mangled my hand and in my haste to storm back to the train station left Travis behind - needless to say I looked completely stupid. Halfway back to the station our paper bag containing breakfast gave in to the rain and tore, spilling its contents and adding to my fury. Finally, as I could make out the station at the end of the road, the gutters of stores lining the street began to overflow, spilling gallons of water onto the unsuspecting umbrellas below.

Sitting in the station, soaking wet, cold, and angry at the rain but also at how I responded to it, I hated traveling. I simply wanted to be at home, curled up with a Starbucks in front of the television, where my favorite shows are in English; I probably would have cried if there weren't so many people around. However a 9 hour flight home has a way of calming even the craziest of minds and I realized that there wasn't anything for us to do but apologize to each other, work together, and get the heck out of Pisa and onto Florence as soon as possible. 

Note: I should disclose that I was probably already a bit very cranky that day before getting soaked by the rain. Also, walking amongst people holding umbrellas has a way of making me lose all patience and act like a toddler throwing a hissy fit. Oh and I totally cried in the train station while staring at the ground hoping people didn't notice.

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Nice place to visit. In Asia i visit trekking in Nepal, trekking in Pakistan but they both countries seems to be no difference.

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