Friday, November 9, 2012

The Bitter Taste of Disappointment

A month back I entered this amazingly cool contest for the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to New Zealand to walk all nine of their Great Walks over nine weeks. The semi-finalists were announced today and unfortunately my name was left off the list, oh the bitter taste of disappointment

Now the not-so-thrilled owner of a participation ribbon, I keep telling myself that this was a great experience, even though I'm not one of the finalists. The contest required all entrants to complete a youtube video or Pinterest board as well as a written component of 250 words or less stating why they should be chosen. The semi-finalists were chosen based on creativity, personality, and skill (the skill part must have been my downfall, there's no other explanation), here's a little excerpt from my entry...

"... I enjoy an active lifestyle, however I am no Bear Grylls. I do not carry a splint in my back pocket, cannot survive on a diet of roots and bugs, and refuse to climb into any sort of carcass for warmth.  However, as a regular person I will demonstrate to readers that these walks are achievable, and the reward, the opportunity to experience New Zealand’s spectacular scenery, is worth the effort in every step."

Now that I think about it, I probably didn't portray my skills in the best light. However just because I'm no longer in the running doesn't mean there wont be tons of interesting blogging from the four lucky winners when they head to New Zealand in February. You can check out the semi-finalists and follow along at The Great Walker

As for me, now that my spring is freed up it's time for Travis and I to choose our next adventure - will it be full time careers? An overland safari in Africa? Another four months abroad, perhaps in South East Asia? What would you do?

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