An ever growing list of blogs (mostly travel themed) that we love. Be warned, side effects of visiting these sites may include a burning desire to quit your job, travel the world, live out of a backpack, or all of the above. 

A fellow Canadian, Tammy Burns focuses on the opportunity to travel and the desire to "get lost". We love her Canadian content that features amazing destinations right in our own backyard.  

Atlas Obscura 
A wonderful collection of obscure, wondrous, lesser known places around the globe. The website is a collaborative effort, meaning anyone can add or edit information, and is a great source for anyone looking to discover something different. 

Budget Traveller 
A tremendous travel tool for the budget-conscious, "Budget Traveller" Kash gives tips on ways to eat, sleep, and see the sights on a shoestring, while not losing too much in the luxury department. All kinds of great tips and articles can be found on the blog, as well as through his various social media avenues. 

Hecktic Travels
A Canadian couple that has sold everything to travel the world, Dalene and Peter give new meaning to the term living on a budget. We marvel at the amazing places they visit on only a few dollars a day. 

Matt Long is a travel writer, photographer, and adventurer. His blog is full of those articles that make you want to jump on a plane/boat/camel and head off into the unknown on an adventure for the ages. Beware, reading this blog can be detrimental to your wallet!

Nerdy Day Trips 
Do you want to get off the beaten path while about way off the beaten path? Nerdydaytrips just might be the solution. You can find everything from bombed-out hotels to submersible bridges to birthplaces of interesting people. 

Nomadic Matt
Haven't heard of Nomadic Matt? Have you been under a rock? One of the best known websites out there for everything budget-travel related. He has been traveling forever and provides everything from restaurant and accommodation advice to inspirational articles to tips on ways to save money while traveling. Check it out if you're planning your next trip!

Notes of Madrid
Madrid is a big city with tons to see and do and can be a little overwhelming if you've never been there. Thankfully, Notes of Madrid provides tips on things to do, places to eat, and invaluable tips on all the logistical details you could need to make your stay a memorable one.

Traveled Earth
Mike and Ashley Lenzen are the traveling couple that we all aspire to be like. With nearly two years of travel already under their belt, their website is full of life-changing experiences (like walking the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela or hiking the Kepler Track in New Zealand), and they are still rolling.

Wild About Travel
"Travel tales by a travel addict" is the motto of Simon, the author of Wild About Travel, and could not be a more accurate representation of the blog. Amazing photographs, posts on a variety of topics and places, and unending inspiration are what awaits any reader.

World Adventurists
Debbie and Darcy are avid travelers based in Vancouver BC. They write about a range of travel topics including their own travels, and try to fit in a couple trips each year amid full time careers. 

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