Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where we're off to next!

After some subtle foreshadowing here and there, Travis and I are over the moon to announce we are throwing on our backpacks again and hitting the road starting in September this year!

After returning from Europe just before Christmas, we weren't sure what the future had in store. Although we love the new and interesting experiences traveling brings, we weren't certain we wanted to be away again for so long, or could continue along this course of procrastination from careers and responsibility. However, after job hunting for a few months, and living back at home with our parents (as our house is still rented out), the decision became easier until one Saturday, just a few weeks ago, we bit the bullet and purchased two one-way flights for early September. 

A few days later, I spotted a job posting online and (jokingly) sent it to Travis questioning if it was too late to change our minds and settle down - what it confirmed, if we had any last minute doubts, is that we both want nothing more than to continue to wander aimlessly for the foreseeable future. 

And with that, there was nothing left to do but start mapping out a preliminary itinerary.

A few of the cities and regions that have made the cut, do you recognize any of them?

As with all trip planning our itinerary grew and grew as we listed more and more exciting places to see, however in the end we settled on Europe - again. If our family and friends weren't so supportive (read: if I hadn't already snapped a few times on innocent recommendations from those wanting to live vicariously through us), I'm sure they would question our motives further. 

"Why Europe, you've already been there, don't you want to see the rest of the world?"

In a simple answer, yes, we want to see and do absolutely everything on this planet, and then some; However, the reason we've chosen to return to Europe is quite logical (we think). After looking at our list of dream destinations, and considering how our ability to travel will be restricted once we settle into careers and the like, we found that none of the other places we want to visit strung together as perfectly for a prolonged trip as Europe. 

With that thought, a compromise was born, to head back to Europe now and see as many of the regions we missed the first time around while also trying to step outside of our comfort zone whenever possible. 

With that goal in mind, our preliminary itinerary currently looks like this...

Vancouver to Berlin with a stopover in Iceland - Poland - Hungary - Slovenia - Czech Republic - Germany - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Serbia - Romania - Turkey - Sicily - Malta - Tunisia - Scotland 

**We should take the time to point out that we haven't set a return date yet...our trip will most likely end sometime in February, but the date will depend on flight prices, how well we stick to our budget, etc.

We'll include the individual cities and a map on the "Our Trips" page as soon as we find time to do so. Although I'm sure tweaks here and there will be made, we are very excited about how this is shaping up!

As for the rest of our dream destinations, they will unfortunately have to wait.

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