Adventures in Central America

I can still taste the juicy papayas and feel the thrill of zipping two hundred feet over the lush forest canopy - not to mention the Toucans, Sea Turtles, and Nurse Sharks - from our month of adventure in Belize and Costa Rica. 

This was all a few years before we started writing our adventures down - online. Luckily we have incredibly sharp memories, and if those fail we can always rely on the journals we kept while experiencing our first major trip away from home. 

Until we get around to reminiscing, why not read up on our time in Andalucia in the South of Spain? It may not be anything like the jungles of Central America but it was just as fun!

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Calli and Travis returned from a four month trip through Europe more excited than ever to hit the open road. Who knows where they'll end up next...

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