Saturday, September 1, 2012

Santorini, We Meet At Last

An evasive mistress, I've yearned to visit Santorini since my first glimpse of its legendary blue and white architecture. In the years leading up to this trip, daydreaming of blue domed churches and romantic cliffside sunsets, Santorini earned cult-like status as my number one must-see destination - the little island had a lot to live up to. 

During our three days (not nearly enough), we explored as much of Santorini as we could reach by foot or four wheels; Fira (or Thira), the "capital" city of 1500 residents, was a mere ten minute walk from our hotel, Oia, Akrotiri, and everywhere in between, were explored via ATV. After snapping hundreds of photos, wandering endless cliffside paths, and stopping every now and then to stare in wonder at the world around me, I can easily say that Santorini surpassed every one of my expectations. 

Everything in Santorini was perfection, even when it wasn't; when my feet hurt from walking or Travis shouted directions from the back seat of the ATV. Although Santorini is now a major tourist desination and cruise ship stop, the crowds of people and abundance of souvenir shops that normally make me bitter were  ineffective*. I was simply living in the moment, enchanted by Santorini and the fact that I was finally able to visit, unable and unwilling to do anything but soak in the moment with the hope of remembering it forever.

Our hotel in Santorini was also fantastic, which made the visit much more enjoyable. Our room at Kelenis Apartments in Karterados was one of about twelve owned by a lovely little Greek lady named Stathoula, it was extremely spacious with a separate kitchen area, full bathroom, private balcony, and air conditioning. There was a serene pool area as well, and we often returned "home" in the afternoons to relax, cool down in the pool, and cook a light dinner with the provisions we'd purchased at the nearby "supermarket" (it's actual name, more market than super but very convenient). 

Being so perfect, the little island quickly felt like home and it was difficult to leave after only three days. Already planning our next trip back, I know we have some amazing stops over the next few months and that this is not the last time I'll stare out over the cliffs of Santorini.

*compared to usual levels of bitterness

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