Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cupcakes for Breakfast

After a misguided trip Wednesday only to find they were closed, Travis and I were able to get back to Liz's Cupcakes Friday morning for, um, breakfast?

It was the first meal of the day so we ordered "breakfast" in addition to our cupcakes - to make our mothers proud - a cheese pie for Travis (flaky pastry crammed with delicious feta) and a banana chocolate muffin for me (straight from the oven). Both were delicious, however we quickly gobbled them up to get to the main event, the cupcakes!

There were six flavours to choose from that day, making the decision a difficult one. Luckily, Liz's husband Alex was up front to guide us through each option, as well as a complete explanation on the different types of iced coffee drinks we'd been seeing around Nafplio and some free architectural advise (from his previous profession). We ended up with one Mocha cupcake for Travis and a Bourtzi Bitterness for myself (tart lemon named after the executioner that once inhabited the local Bourtzi Fortress - our next stop of the day). 

Like the "breakfast" before, the cupcakes did not disappoint, a perfect mix of crumbly cake and sweet creamy icing, they were also incredibly adorable. It was a bit sad to finish them so quickly and although we had a boat to catch and an island fortress to explore, I contemplated going back for a dozen more.

About ten minutes by foot from our hotel, Liz's Cupcakes is quite easy to find using the map on their website and the directions included in the many positive reviews on trip advisor (it's Nafplio's top rated restaurant). The store itself is absolutely adorable, painted in bright bubblegum pink, and the owners Liz and Alex are extremely friendly. In addition to the pictures we snapped, they took one of us now on display on their facebook page.

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