Sunday, September 2, 2012

Santorini Quading Adventure

In the previous post I mentioned renting an ATV (or quad) in Santorini, something I did on my own, from first choosing the rental place, to signing paperwork, driving, refueling, navigating, and finally returning it at the end of the day - I was pretty proud of myself!

Rent A Bike* was a block from our hotel; I chose it primarily for convenience, and the friendly owner waved to us the night before. We'd done a bit of price research online and 30 Euro per day (plus fuel) seemed to be the going rental rate, however after being outfitted with helmets and 3rd party liability insurance, the total came to only 15 Euro - perhaps renting in Karterados, and not the main city of Fira, resulted in a better price?

I quickly nicknamed our faded yellow ATV Bumblebee and we took off to explore the island - Travis sitting in back shouting directions every now and then which I rarely followed. Amid a few dead ends and some backtracking (and one stint through a pedestrian only city square) we were able to reach some lovely viewpoints, Akrotiri Archaeological Site, and the city of Oia. The roads in Santorini can be quite steep, but only once did Travis have to hop off and walk so I could get the ATV to the top. We returned the quad that night, although the rental was good for 24 hours - total cost, 29 Euros (we topped up the gas for peace of mind at the beginning but barely used any of it).

The quad was amazing fun, I'd definitely rent one again. Overall the other drivers on the road are quite considerate and it's a fabulous way to see so much of the island we would have otherwise missed out on.

*Actual store name, which is oddly descriptive yet does little to distinguish it from everywhere else on the island advertising bike rentals

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Nice bike and have good journey.We planned a bike tour while trekking in Pakistan; it was amazing journey.

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