Thursday, May 16, 2013

All About Budgets - The Four Week Series

With Tax season wrapping up and our summer jobs getting ready to take off, money is on our minds more so than normal and we've realized that, while writing at length about the amazing things we saw, ate, and experienced abroad, we have been a bit tardy about sharing ANY of our budget/money/finance information with the world. 

This simply will not do so we are going to get caught up on the budget front by sharing everything you've ever wanted to know about our travel finances including... 

How did we budget for the trip? 
Did we come in on budget? 
How much did our last trip cost?
Could we have done it cheaper?
What was the most expensive place we visited?
What did we do to save money while traveling? 
What about 2013? 

and the most common question we receive... How were you able to afford to do all of this?

To ensure we don't overload you with horribly boring financial information we've broken the information down into four sections, to be posted over a four week period, and after the dust settles and we've shown you our books you'll be able to take everything we've learned the hard way and apply it to your very own trip!

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