Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekday Escape to Vancouver

A couple weeks back, Travis and I were able to sneak away for a mini vacation, our first since returning from Europe late last year. A simple overnight in Vancouver to catch Bob Seger and Joe Walsh in concert, our little vacation was a wonderful indulgence to our overly strict "saving-for-travel" budget. 

The beautiful scenery along the Coquihalla highway
Although we don't have the stresses of full time jobs, or kids, or really much responsibility, it is still nice to slip away for a day or two, and our trip was made even better by some fabulously sunny, semi-scorching, weather that was more reflective of late June in BC than March. While we wandered Robson Street before the concert, busy shoppers passed by in t-shirts and summer skirts, we clearly weren't the only two thrilled by the influx in Vitamin D. 

Fringe-lovers like us will recognize the Vancouver Library

Lunch - a bahn mi at VietSub

The concert itself was superb (unfortunately this isn't always the case as performers pass retirement age), and although I stole a laugh or two at Bob's appearance, more reminiscent of a high school math teacher complete with white beard than that of a rock star, his voice rang through the arena as clear and powerful as the day he first sat down in the recording studio. 

The concert starts!

For me, Bob Seger is the perfect soundtrack to late summer nights, full of nostalgia for the glory days. It's amazing to witness the continued relevance in his lyrics even now, more than 25 years since they were penned.

Bob Seger still rocking out at the age of 67

Unfortunately we had to return home after just one night, which was fine for our wallets (Vancouver isn't the cheapest travel destination, but still so worth a visit). With just a quick stop at IKEA and some comfort food at the Home Restaurant in Hope, a condition to any drive along the Coquihalla with Travis, we were back in our own bed.

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