Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lisbon's Best Kept Secret

Half ancient convent, half museum, the Carmo Archaeological Museum is really only half a building. 

Rows of large arches

After surviving a large earthquake in 1755, Carmo Convent, roofless and exposed to the elements, was left untouched as a symbol of loss and hope for the city. Now home to the Carmo Archaeological Museum, lucky visitors can gaze in amazement at the stone columns and gothic arches that date back to 1389 - as well as a small but interesting mix of prehistoric, medieval, and per-earthquake finds on display in the covered museum. 

Stained glass fragments that have survived

A large column arches up towards the sky

One of the museum rooms featuring two mummies

Affordable, centrally located, and fascinating to explore, the museum is also extremely peaceful, quite, and seemingly tour group free (a wonderful rarity!). Oddly contradictory to the mile long line for the Santa Justa lift just blocks away.  It appears not many people have "discovered" this lovely little museum - yet. We haven't seen it featured in any of the popular guidebooks or common online references - however with just the name we were easily able to find the museum's website, hours of operation, and entrance fees.

Model of the convent pre 1755

Wonderfully preserved sarcophagus

One of two Peruvian mummies from the 16th c.

Arches, sky, and crumbled brick

A good impression of the former convent's size

Easily one of my favorite attractions in Lisbon, I couldn't take enough photos of the contrasting columns and sky, and was pleasantly surprised by the museum which houses two uncovered mummies, the first I've ever seen.

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Love the pictures of the cathedral open to the brilliant blue sky - you two have a fabulous way of capturing images. Miss you both. Hugs TJ & Dale

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