Monday, October 29, 2012

Halfway Point - The Numbers

As we mentioned previously, our first day in Malaga marked the halfway point for our trip. Here is a breakdown of the numbers - both important and trivial.

Days Traveled = 61

Cities Visited = 23 

The view over Granada, Spain

 Beds Slept In = 16

Beds with Amazing Faux-Animal-Hide Bedspreads = 2

We've seen TWO of these

Brands of Beer Sampled = 23

Spontaneous Street Zumba Classes Witnessed = 1

Check out the video here

Churches Entered = 19

The Mezquita in Cordoba (posts coming soon!)

Photos Taken = 5620

Soccer Games Attended = 2 (hopefully this will be more by the end!) 

Warmup at the Atletico Madrid Game we attended

 Kilometers Walked = 652 (give or take a few)

Walking to our accommodations in Plitvice NP

 UNESCO World Heritage Sites = 13

Trogir, Croatia - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Foxes Spotted in Downtown London = 1

Dollars Spent Per Day = 148

Posts Written = 54

Gyros Eaten = 19

Still makes Calli's mouth water

 Loads of Laundry Washed = 8

50 Euro Bills Lost = 1

50 Euro Bills Found = 1

Rainy Days = 7

Thunderstorm in Kotor, Montenegro

Museums Visited = 11

Natural History Museum, London

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