Monday, August 27, 2012

Travel By Numbers

After months of planning, budgetting, and packing we're finally in London, the first stop in our four month journey through Europe. Although excited to explore the city, we are still trying adapt to the new time zone (8 hours ahead of home). 

Underestimating our need for sleep, we bought tickets for a football game the night of our arrival - Chelsea v. Reading. The game was great, lots of goals and lively fans, and after we'd navigated the tube system back to our hotel it was finally time for a propper sleep - 35 hours after we first set out from home. 

Here's a brief overview of our travel day(s) from British Columbia to London:

Four - O'clock in the morning, our trip officially starts

Six - O'clock in the morning (the next day), we check into our hotel in London
Thirteen - Our total flight duration (in hours), give or take a few minutes
Three - Number of pre-flight safety presentations we sat through
Two - Trips through customs; entering the United States and upon landing in London
Ninety - Total time (in minutes) to walk from the train, through Hyde Park, to our hotel
Fifty - Pounds (combined) that we carried in our packs for those ninety minutes
One - The first and last time Calli will sit through the movie Battleship (even with Alexander Skarsgard it was a flop)

We've struggled to find reliable internet access in London, a shame as we can't wait to share every detail of our visit to the National History Museum and Reading Music Festival. Hopefully Greece will offer more wi-fi options.

By Calli D with 3 comments


Hey guys. How wonderful that you're on your trip!!! Yes always a lot of prep before the fun happens! Maybe enjoy the trip more then?! :) Wishing you lots of adventures - uncle and I love London - lots to do there....see you in 4 short months! Auntie Carol

uh oh! Carol reading travel blogs... I feel the bank account shrinking already! Uncle Rob

Battleship wasn't that bad for us lowly 7-5:30ers, but compared to your travels... Beamer

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