Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pack for Your Life

Life has been hectic lately; we’re between places, crashing with family members, updating our address information with banks and the like, and tying up the last loose ends with regards to storage and packing. A few more Rubbermaid bins need a home, and plans are in the works to store our vehicles while we are gone, but overall it’s all coming together.

With our packing at home taken care of, it’s time to turn our attention to what we will actually take with us – the clothes we will live in for four months. This task doesn’t seem to be as daunting for Travis as it is for me, and I’m quickly learning that “what to pack” is one of the more controversial travel related topics out there.

We have received as much, if not more, “what to/not to pack” advice as we did opinions on Europe's "must see" attractions. Although it's well intentioned, all these opinions can become frustrating; these "helpers" aren't all within our demographic, haven't traveled to the same destinations, at the same time of year, and for the same duration as we are, and don't always have the same experiences and travel style as we do.

Early into our trip planning process I decided that there isn't a single reason I can't feel pulled together and presentable while living out of a backpack for four months; we aren't planning any strenuous excursions or overnight treks. This means that there is absolutely no place in my pack for the following items: any kind of zip off pants, oversize sports t-shirts or shorts, chunky white running shoes, or ill-fitting clothes that claim to be quick drying or sweat resistant.

It also means I’m playing with the idea of taking a few hair products, some makeup, and maybe an accessory or two with me as well.

That is the sound of disappointment coming from 67% of our closest friends and family.

Call me vain, self-centered, high maintenance, but the truth is that I have more fun and am more comfortable when I feel well-dressed, and since this trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity I’d prefer not to spend my time insecurely tugging at my wardrobe.

For a complete packing list of everything that made its way into our packs check out our Packing page under the Pre-Trip banner (above).

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