Friday, January 25, 2013

Victoria's Secret Hits London

Glossy black, lacquered fuchsia, and sparkling chandeliers - Victoria Secret epitomizes everything girly (positive body images excluded). However, their new European flagship store in London kicks everything up a hundred thousand notches or so. With floor to ceiling damask wallpaper in a velvet texture, faceted glass-pained banisters, leopard print rugs, four story spiral staircase, and private rooftop suite reserved for A-listers needing a glass of champagne to go along with their private fitting, the store redefines the word glamorous.

The stunning staircase (via)
However, as beautiful as it is inside, the store is equally stunning outside with large window displays featuring the nearly-there runway costumes donned by the Angels in the brand's annual runway show. Getting up close to these costumes you can easily see the hundreds of tiny gemstones, delicate lace, silky satin fabric, and tiny bow embellishments that make up these intricate costumes, as well as an accompanying photo from the runway show and short description. 

Doutzen Kroes on the runway...    (via)

...and her outfit on display in the store.

Another outfit

And one more!
Hate the lingerie mogul if you will, this store is definitely worth a walk-by when in London, as is the whole of Bond Street where it's located.

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