Wednesday, December 19, 2012

London Walking Tour - Along the Thames

Following our successful walk through Westminister with a guide from London Walks, we decided to tighten our purse strings and tackle the banks of the River Thames the next day with only the help of our trusty tourist map.

The iconic Tower Bridge

Starting at the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, we happily snapped photos and meandered along the river bank before making our way up to St. Paul's Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge, and Tate Modern.

Is that Richard Petty Blue?

Crest on the Tower Bridge

The modern shoreline

One of the things I really enjoyed about this part of London is the contrast between the historic stone fortress, rows of traditional narrow shops, and modern glass skyscrapers. It's quite a sight to see the Gherkin peak out from behind the fortress walls of the Tower of London, or the curvacious City Hall nestled on the river bank next to the Tower Bridge.

The Gherkin making an appearance...

... and again.

Classic English pub and name

St. Paul's Cathedral

I spy with my little eye, St Paul's Cathedral in the background

Although we had our map, it stayed tucked away most the day as the city has put in small area maps along the major streets every two or three blocks - tourists seem to still be benefiting from the 2012 Olympic Games. As it turns out, all we needed for a great day out was a quick stop at lunch to warm up with some fresh Vietnamese Pho. 

The Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's

Millennium Bridge

A surprise find

Mmmm warm Pho!

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